As the turn of spring and summer and with the beginning of May , the Shanghai International Bicycle Show will be held as scheduled.Hangzhou Rhinowalk Technology Co., Ltd. take it’s brand RHINOWALK to invite you participate this event.

Our booth No. : Hall 6.1 D0013

Welcome to visit !

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Having experienced the blaze of last bike show in 2017, the RHINOWALK brand will continue to launch more new innovative products in this exhibition , will provide more riders with more cost-effective riding bags. We only focus on cycling bags!

RHINOWALK bicycle bags can be divided into three series according to usage scenarios in the market :

1.Urban leisure cycling series: Lightweight exquisite version of the bicycle bags specially designed for folding bicycles, folding electric bikes, road bikes, and fixed gear bicycle. The capacity size and multi-functional design are more suitable for leisure riding on city roads. Promote a healthy, environmentally friendly travel concept.

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2.Long-distance outdoor riding series: Mountain bikes, wagons, road bikes as the representative model of the vehicle is designed to be rugged and reliable to carry the convenience .Mainly from large capacity, durability, waterproof, convenient operation of several functional, targeted developed a bag suitable for use in outdoor riding.

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3.Professional Competitive Riding Series: This series products is more for the need of professional drivers to store belongings in different match. This type of product will also have few products to satisfied different users.

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The above three series cover the use scenarios of almost all models in the market, and can meet the needs of articles for storage in general cycling.

The goal of RHINOWALK is to let users to focus on riding themselves . Without any external conditions, using simple design to solve complex problems, make every effort to design products with outstanding performance, and in a dedicated spirit, superb design and manufacturing continue to grow.

Our design: focus on streamlined style and people-oriented, product performance and experience taken in the first place.

Our technology: always adhere to high standards of technology and fine production, using innovative technology to improve product quality.

Our goal: to ensure reliable performance in harsh environments, to provide you with confidence in support.

For the latest product information and exhibition trends, welcome to take the attention to our official website and micro-signals. The QR code is as follows:

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